In my first year at the university in France, we got a challenging assignment. The main focus was on writing our personal career plan for the next 5 and 10 years. Ouf, I said to myself. 5 years, that’s still fine. I knew I wanted to go on Erasmus to a Scandinavian country (by then I wasn’t quite sure where exactly) and do my Master’s, but what then? Is there anyone who knows the answer to the most common interview question: where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Finally, I came up with a great idea. I wrote down my qualities and my interests. I’ve always liked languages, communication and writing. That’s also why I was studying applied foreign languages in France. However, there was something else that fascinated me: architecture, design, art and photography. I’ve never been talented enough to create art, although I’ve always loved being surrounded by it. I decided to make this my 10 year personal career plan; a position that will connect my skills with my passion. I imagined myself working as a PR specialist in an art studio. I could write articles related to art, all day think about architecture and talk about design. It sounded awesome, but I had no idea how I could get such a dream job. Well, never mind. I still have time, I said to myself. First I need to finish school, travel for a bit and then I’ll see where life brings me.

And life brought me to Iceland, where for the first time I understood that I wanted to write. Not only about art, but also about life. That’s what I’ve started with, gradually it turned into travel writing, but that’s also what life is about.

8 years ago I moved to France. I was looking for a change. I was bored with my routine high school life. I wanted to experience something new. Adventure. I pictured evenings on a beach with a new group of friends. That’s why I chose the South. I wanted to, no, I needed to hear and feel the sea. Daily. After some time I realised I never felt home in France. I could not picture my future there. Therefore, I’ve already had a new vision in my mind. Colder. Nordic. I saw myself sailing to a new destination. Contrary to my previous visualisation of my life in France with friends, this time I was sailing alone. I felt that was something I needed. Not loneliness. Independence.

After two years in France, I went on Erasmus to Norway and honestly, it was the best decision in my life. A year in Norway was unforgettable. Finally, I was by myself. And I needed it.

Today I know that life is not about new countries, people or adventures. It is only about us, our dreams, desires and steps we make in order to reach them. It is about our belief, effort and persistence. But also those mistakes that we make along the way.

Last year, during covid, while I still had my previous job as Travel Designer, a good friend of mine asked me what I would do if I lost my job. That time I was already working at a lower work ratio than usual due to the pandemic situation and a limited number of tourists in Iceland. Instantly, I had two ideas in my mind; two of my biggest dreams. The first one was a job that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, becoming a kindergarten teacher. The second one was however something that I had never said out loud before. But that day, I spoke to my friend without any hesitation. I would like to work in an art gallery, I said. Or, if not in a gallery, then somewhere else with art. My answer was short, brief and clear. I don’t even know where it came from and where it was for all those years. My friend could not hide her enthusiasm and replied: I can picture you there straight away!

After three months of a trial period I left my kindergarten job. It needed some courage, but at the same time it was the easiest decision in my life. Simply, it wasn’t for me. Shortly after that I decided to spend a few weeks in Slovakia clearing my mind, organising my thoughts and remembering where it had all started. My first kindergarten dream job has been accomplished. So what now? I hesitated. What else is on my wish list? And then I suddenly remembered. A few weeks later I was invited to an interview and soon after that I started to work in an art gallery. The circle is complete.

You didn’t know what you were looking for until you heard the voices in your head.