Í Annan Heim

Í Annan Heim



Finally, the year 2018 has started very quietly. For the first few weeks I enjoyed my time in my hometown, and even though it could possibly look like useless sitting in coffeehouses, I was truly hardworking. I finished my studies and it was time to move on with my life. Thailand sounded like a good idea, Slovakia surprisingly offered options, Norway was passion, Amsterdam was love. However the island with crazy weather, magical nature and lovely people has won. At the end of the month I decided to continue with my Icelandic adventure. This time for real.



My Icelandic comeback was not exactly what I had expected. During my first weeks I was doing a job I didn’t like and I was at a place that didn’t make me happy either. Great, right? It’s not like I’m complaining, after all, not everything can always be amazing, especially from the beginning. But this was different. I’m different. I have that chasing for perfection syndrome, very typical for our generation. I’m often impatient, unsatisfied with myself and with the life I live. You know the pressure from your environment and social media which obliges you to live the perfect life 24/7. And if only for a moment you have a feeling that your life is less interesting, less fun, less spontaneous, you feel awful. For us, Instagram kids, depression is very common. After all, isn’t it just easier to put a color filter on your grey life?

But this month was supposed to be about responsibility, not about my empty words. And it really was. I took the responsibility for myself, for my January choice, for my dreams. I didn’t come back to Iceland to worry and feel miserable. I came to Iceland to live my dream. I know, it sounds poetic, but that’s just how I’m. From one day to another I quit the job I hated, I packed my stuff and left. Now, a few months later, I know I couldn’t do any better.



It wasn’t the first time I’ve moved to a new city, to a city where I didn’t know almost anyone, where I had no home, friends or family. You might think I’m crazy but I just love it. That feeling when you are walking through a new city but you know you’re not  just a tourist. You know this city somehow belongs to you but at the same time you don’t know it at all. You discover, explore, experience. It is like a new relationship, everything is new, exciting and unknown and meanwhile you know that it is not a one night stand. It is for long. Maybe forever. You can never be sure but it is always worth trying. I’ve always been that weird introverted person. The person who is mistaken for an extrovert because I’m open minded, chatty and social. Although I would rather sit in a coffeehouse, drink my coffee and write this article, I will be extremely shy showing the world those few people who actually read it.



I’ve always been proud of myself for being able to make fast decisions, big decisions, the decisions that take ages for other people to make, the decisions that some people can’t make at all. One of those decisions waited for me at the end of last month. The decision was about whether I’m able to calm down and stay for a while at one place. Alright, not only for a while. For long.

I pushed myself and I took my very first full time job ever, this time in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik. Who would ever say that I settled down on an island in the middle of nowhere. On an island with a population comparable to my hometown. I’ve been dreaming about Iceland since my teenage years. That time I was thinking of a wilderness full of sheep and kind people. It has all been proved during my first months in the Icelandic countryside. But what will bring Reykjavik?