Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect

Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect


When I was younger, a friend of mine told me he wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. He had been dreaming about it since his early childhood. Traveling and capturing those moments that everyone will always remember. He did not become a photographer; he became an architect. He chose building something real over discovering the unknown. He chose creating a dream instead of showing reality. Or is it the other way round?


Being productive requires commitment. Being creative does not. I recently asked this friend how it feels like to be an architect, how it feels like to build something real. He said that it is like a little victory. The process of creating something that starts as a tiny idea in your mind, then you put it on a paper and voilà, it becomes a real thing!


We often underestimate our power to create. Something from nothing.

I like to look back at my life and evaluate. Think and overthink. Measure and compare. The other day I took a long walk, it was late in the evening, the weather was mild for winter in Iceland and my mind was full of thoughts. Our generation likes to compare a life we thought we would have by now with the life we currently live. Very often we come to harsh conclusions. But just for a second try to look at yourself from another perspective; what would the 13-year old me think of current me?

More than three years ago, I sat down and wrote my first article. It was simple and it just felt natural. I lived in a unique place, full of artists and inspiring people. Shortly after that, I decided to create this space where I could express myself. I never thought it would be something more than just a hobby that helped me go through long dark days back in Snæfellsnes. However, thanks to this mixture of thoughts, emotions and words I managed to get my first writing job for an Icelandic travel website. And just like that, I became a travel writer. During one year, I was writing, on and off, articles on elves, wool sweaters, surfing and more. Simultaneously, I moved to Reykjavík, and got my first full-time job ever, as a travel designer. My favourite process of dreaming, creating, planning and preparing for travelling became my daily work routine. I showed I was able to create something from nothing.

It all somehow came together. My life has started to feel complete again. It has all started to make sense. I finally settled down and found the peace piece I was looking for. And then I found my other half. My soulmate. First in him, later in myself. After all, you’re the whole. Just as you are. By yourself.

They say you need to fall very hard to be able to rise again. Now I also know that you have to lose yourself to come back to the roots. I have dreamt of living abroad since primary school and left my home country right after high school. I could not picture the idea of me living in my home town for any longer. I had great friends, family and love, but still I was looking for more. How funny it is to realise that I had it in me all that time. Adventure is not waiting for you; adventure is in you.

These days I’m thinking of starting a new adventure. Building my new happy place. Creating my dream life, living my dream. Now I know that happiness can be found anywhere; we do not have to travel the world to feel alive. I am nothing of a builder, but here I dreamt I was an architect.