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Fisherman’s Woman

Fisherman’s Woman

You know how unique the feeling is when you meet someone for the very first time but it seems like you’ve known them for your entire life. That moment your heart stops for a millisecond that feels like eternity. Even when writing these lines I’ve got a slight smile on my lips and I’m picturing when it happened to me last time. I do believe in soulmates. I believe that at the end of each life our soul breaks into small parts that eventually connect with other pieces and that way they create a new life. And during such a magical connection that we sometimes experience, our soul pieces find each other and discover the precedent continuum. It is a rare phenomenon but so beautiful and worth waiting for.

The more I travel the more I see how we tend to give up very quickly on people. I guess it is partly because of the lifestyle most of us live today. We’re always busy, on the way and unsatisfied with what we have. The world offers us so many options that it is very easy to lose interest in people. We seek perfection everywhere. No one can easily make us happy because our expectations are way too unreal and influenced by today’s world; the world that pushes us to be occupied all the time; the world in which we have to make sure we show how great our lives are, even though we know that we can not please everyone. Very often we feel like people either love us or hate us, there’s nothing in between.

A friend of mine once told me that the diagnosis I have is called in love with impossible; and he couldn’t be more accurate. I do admire perfection. My kind of perfection. I seek danger, adventure and I’m attracted by the unknown. I tend to lose interest in everything which is too obvious and does not require any challenge. I want everything I can’t have. I’m a believer who is trying to ignore the fact that everything in life is temporary. Believer on a life-time mission to find a heartstopper.

Life in Iceland is tough, especially in winter. Days are short and cold, nights are dark and…cold again. No surprises here. But imagine how it is to be a fisherman, spending days basically nights in the cold ocean, knowing that the only thing that keeps you warm is the thought of your wife waiting for you back home. Your lovely wife. I wish I could meet a person who would do everything to keep me in their life. Someone who would show some effort, who would express how important I’m for them, who would wait for me. I think that this is what Emilíana Torrini means by being a good fisherman’s woman. I truly believe that when you really care about someone you will do everything to make them happy. Even if it means to wait. Wait until they come back, until they understand.