Ekki Vanmeta

Ekki Vanmeta

My very first months in Iceland I spent volunteering in an artist residency, known as the Freezer Hostel. Friendships I created through the Freezer have always had a great value for me, and I am still in touch with many people I met during my time there. International volunteers, Icelandic colleagues, random villagers from our neighborhood or travelers who were passing by Snæfellsnes; all of them remained deep in my mind.

One of those travelers was a Dutch girl who was staying at the Freezer with her friend. In the evenings, I used to spend some time with our guests, grab a drink or play some games. That night I had a nice conversation with this particular Dutch girl, and I can honestly tell, we both felt an instant connection between us. The next day right before she left, we had exchanged our contact information so we could keep in touch in the future.

Time passed, I did not forget this girl but I also did not contact her again. Until the day I launched my blog and she decided to send me a message saying that she likes it a lot and supports my writing. A strange thing happened when she opened a message window and found almost two years old message from me. By that time I was looking for a place in the Netherlands and she was offering a room in her apartment. She could not believe her eyes. She did not see that message before, with all the replies to her offer she must have overlooked it. After all, our paths have crossed, even though 2 years later and in a different country.

At the beginning of this year, I decided that my 2018 would be about freedom. Freedom of mind, freedom of choice, freedom of being. As we all know, freedom comes along with responsibility. But responsibility is not slavery, responsibility is decision. Just like my all-time favorite quote says; if you are ever stuck between two choices, flip a coin. Not because it gives you a straight answer, but because of that moment when the coin is in the air and you suddenly know what you are hoping for.

Always make sure that your decisions reflect your life priorities. This is what I tend to say when someone asks for my opinion. Do not underestimate the power of fate. Do not rush time. Even the tallest trees grow from tiny seeds.