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Yellow Light

It’s late August, my very first week in Iceland, and I decide to take a walk to waterfalls not far away from the Freezer. Standing in front of the waterfalls, I notice three men who are obviously shooting a movie; one of them is holding […]

Fisherman’s Woman

You know how unique is the feeling when you meet someone for the very first time but it seems like you’ve known them for your entire life. That moment your heart stops for a millisecond that feels like eternity. Even when writing these lines I’ve […]

There is a light that never goes out

The Freezer is an artist residency, culture center, social hostel and the smallest professional theater in the world. For many people, the Freezer is a cosy place to spend a night when passing Snæfellsnes. For locals, it is THE place to come and enjoy the […]

Little Talks

There’s no doubt, Iceland is a crazy country. The most of the year, you can’t go outside because the insane wind just blows you away, the cold gets underneath your skin and the darkness wakes up your deepest depression. The only thing that keeps you […]

Piña Colada

  A year ago I thought that my life finally made some sense. I had certain ideas about my future, my plans, my expectations. Then, one day, everything changed. Suddenly. Without any warnings. Out of the blue. People would think that with the kind of […]